Josh Friedman joins Henok Elias of LFHB outside the Los Angeles Fed to crash the 99th birthday bash for the banking cartel masquerading as a federal agency.  

Media   Josh Friedman votes on the November 2012 California ballot measures and Gary Kirkland provides commentary.  

Media   FreeSLO editor and Templeton Unified School District teacher, Gary Kirkland, tears apart Jerry Brown's Proposition 30 at a Cuesta College political forum.  

Media   The Classical Greeks' creation may have lasted more than two millenia, but what kind of legacy is it leaving? Josh Friedman reports from Athens with the home of…

Media   Josh Friedman travels to the top of the Athenian Acropolis where he discusses the wonders of Classical Greece.  

Media   Josh Friedman unveils the secrets of the Delphi Technique from the ruins of the ancient oracle's temple in Greece.  

Media   Josh Friedman weighs in on the historical trend of bread and circus from a town that hosted the ancient Olympic Games. Origins of the Delphi Technique coming next.…

Media   Josh Friedman delivers California news from the Louvre. Parisian impressions included.  

Media   Josh Friedman visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and noticed the recurring pattern of the formation of tyrannies.  

Media   FreeSLO publisher Josh Friedman traveled to Europe in July and August and reported from several locations on and off the continent. will feature one report each…


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